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Providing a refined search experience for the Architectural Openings (Door & Hardware) Industry.

The speed of Google combined with Industry relevant precision.

We are currently indexing 167 US & Canadian Manufacturer sites.

Great for Architects - Research products available from US manufacturers of Frames, Doors & Hardware.  It's like having a library and consultant at your command...but much faster!

Great for Distributors - Find what you're looking for even faster than Google.  The search results are screened against our site list and ranked to provide you the most relevant info first.

Great for Manufacturers - Get your products noticed.  Refer Customers and Architects to this site.  Contact us about other marketing tools and services we can provide.

Great for Employers - It's all about productivity.  People are your most valuable asset.  It's so easy to get distracted and waste precious time when using a general-purpose search engine.  Our results are restricted to Industry-Specific sites.

Below is the list of Manufacturer sites we are indexing: (aptiQ, Falcon, Glynn-Johnson, Ives, LCN, Schlage, Von Duprin, Steelcraft, Zero International) (HPC) (Global Door Controls, Trans Atlantic, Hans Krug) (Jackson Exit) (Now Falcon) (Stanley) (American Eagle, PDQ) (Residential / Multi-Family) (Commerical) (VT Industries)